Air Conditioning Fan Low Noise Mini Air Conditioner Multifunctional 5V/12W Simple Operation with Water Bottle for Home Office

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Product Details :

1. Multifunctional: This is not only personal air conditioner, but also desktop fan and air humidifier. The small evaporative air cooler can be used all year round. It can be cooled in hot summer (with ice) and humidified in dry autumn and winter.
2. Silent: The advanced motor generates strong and quiet air flow, which will not interfere with sleep, study and work.
3.2 low decibel wind speed: strong natural wind speed, portable air conditioning fan to meet all your needs! You can add ice to the water tank to speed up the cooling.
4. Compact and energy-saving: we specially designed this portable air cooler for personal use. It does not occupy space and is very suitable for offices, bedrooms, small bedrooms, etc. Enjoy the freshness and don’t worry about the electricity bill any more.
5. Control mode: One-button start, the mini air conditioner is not rechargeable, plug and play.


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