Children’s Toy AK-47 Machine Gun

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A real find for little collectors! We present to you a toy version of the legendary AK-47 assault rifle. The child will definitely appreciate the high quality of execution and excellent detailing: the toy exactly repeats all the elements of the real analogue.

The set includes an optical sight, a silencer, 10 soft cartridges with a suction cup and the corresponding number of cartridges. When a shot is fired, the cartridge case flies out, just like in a real machine gun. The toy will take a worthy place in the child’s collection and will become the main participant in exciting story games.


– made of durable primary plastic;

– a non-trivial color range of weapons;

– the set includes a machine gun, an optical sight, a silencer, 10 cartridges with a suction cup and 10 cartridges;

– the machine is presented in a beautiful gift box.


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