Glock / Colt Automatic Shell Ejection Pistol

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Glock Laser Version New Arrivals:

The slide moves back when you Press the trigger. At the same time, fire the laser and ejecting the shells.


When there is no bullet in the gun, the slide will be locked when the trigger is pressed, Last round bolt hold open.

Perfectly restore the shell ejection process when shooting with a pistol.

Csnoobs perspective:The only toy gun that can bring satisfaction by just press the trigger even without loading bullets.

Realistic Gun Model:1:1 reduction can be displayed as a model, Can also be used as a Fidget toy to play.

Safe & Durable:This Toy Pistol is made of high-quality ABS material, can not shoot.

Perfect Gift:This cool toy pistol is very realistic in looks. The great holiday, Birthday gifts for 5+ year old boys.


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