Head Massager Machine Brand New And High Quality vibrating head Massager – Each

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  • *** Head Massager for Stress Relief.
  • *** Suitable for Home, Travel and Office use. Relieves Stress,
  • *** Remove the muscle tension and tiredness and improve the blood circulation by massaging head or points on body.
  • ***head massager claw will fully touch your scalp and hair sac, stimulates the blood circulation on your head to prevent alopecia and boost hair growth, a perfect stress relief and deep relaxation tool, can massage the acupoints on your head to sweep the fatigue. Suitable for office workers, students, teachers and any other sedentary groups.
  • ***Head Massager is suitable for all kinds of head sizes, wieldy and compact, lightweight and portable, one size fits most, paired with a solid wooden handle for easy grip. The massage branches are covered with rubber tips, no pain or uncomfortable experience.



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