Qiyi Sail W Rubiks Cube 3×3- Smooth bright-light sticker(Classic colors) Speed Cube – 3x3x3 Puzzles Toys, The Most Educational Toy to Effectively Improve Children’s Concentration and responsiveness – Rubik’s Cube

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  • 【STRONG AND STURDY 】 We’ve-optimized the Sail W’ main structure, reaching a higher quality standard
  • Small card corner design, anti-POP ability outstanding, stable and not scattered, it is difficult to remove
  • The speed cubes Made of environmentally friendly ABS material, has passed the US safety certification.
  • Common Problems of entry level rubik’s cubes –(fading stickers, POP, Bad Grip, Subpar plastic material, peeling stickers ,fragile components, jamming, poor color scheme ,easily broken)
  • The Sail W solves these problems well and is very suitable for children and beginners.
  • This is a classic puzzle rubiks cube that allows children to return to tradition, play to learn and learn to play, stay away from electronic products
  • Effectively improve your child’s concentration, responsiveness, memory, and logical thinking skills
  • Develop your child’s patience and feel the sense of accomplishment after solving the problem and increase your self-confidence
  • Not only for children, but also for adults to relieve stress.
  • 56mm*56mm, mainstream game size, suitable for WCA major competitions
  • Light to 80g, light hand, suitable for children, even if you practice for a long time, you will not feel tired
  • The Sail W feature QiYi half-bright sticker close to a professional rubiks cube color scheme.
  • This is an upgraded version of the Sail W half-bright sticker cube produced by the famous Speed Cube brand “Qi Yi”.
  • The brand is endorsed by the 3x3x3 cube world record holder mats “valk” advertising.
  • Your child will definitely like! This is a classic educational toy that will never be outdated. It is suitable for children, adults, and seniors.
  • Hurry up to have it and let your big family have a fun and exciting Rubiks Cube game.


More than 20 years ago, the Rubiks Cube conquered the world with her unique “magic power” and achieved an unprecedented miracle in the toy industry with amazing sales. In the past, Speed Cube was not only known as “the most educational toy”, but also won the “Best Game Invention Award of 1980” and “one of the 100 most influential inventions of the 20th century”.

Qiyi Sail W bright-light sticker Improved Version Rubiks cube (Classic colors) is an excellent and affordable speed cube selected among many speed cubes. It is suitable for children, beginners and even professional players.The classic 3×3 cube will give you and your child the following benefits:

(1) Exercise the coordination ability of the child’s hands, eyes and brain(2) Improve children’s memory, overall observation ability and spatial thinking ability(3) Conducive to the child’s patience and self-confidence(4) Helps improve your child’s computing and resilience

Entertaining and learning, playing Rubik’s Cube is really Learning in the process of playing. In fact, many difficult solutions in the world are the same. The method of recovering the magic Cube may be contained in life. The solution to the problem of life may be in the transformation of the magic Cube.


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