Wooden Mobile Holder Wooden Mobile Stand Wall Mount (2 Pieces)

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Product Details :

  • Steel nail support ensures durability
  • It is for any kind of mobile phone, just place them and whether you’ll charge them or place them safely.
  • It is made from the top quality wooden material finish.
  • It is preferred to hold it on the wall with the nail support for safety.
  • It is often charged via wire because it has a hole at rock bottom for passing the wire.
  • All images are real, and for any longer details regarding the product, you’ll contact them before ordering.
  • In addition to its practicality, the stand also offers a convenient cable management system. It helps keep your charging cable organized and tangle-free, eliminating the mess of cables on your desk or nightstand. Enjoy a neat and organized charging setup that adds a sense of elegance to your space.


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